Do I need a Certified Document?


While there may be situations where a simple photocopy of your document will suffice, it is always a good idea to have an official certified copy of all your legal documents, stored in a safe place. A certified copy is a copy of any document on file with the State that is attested to as an accurate and true copy of the original document. A certified official document has an official state registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, the registrar’s signature, and the date the document originated. You are better off to get a certified copy of your documents than to be turned away from a proceeding for inadequate documentation.

Copies, both plain and certified, of any documents filed with the State may be obtained for your own records or for legal purposes. You may require a copy of your formation documents to open a bank account, for a closing on a loan, in connection with a court case or a variety of other reasons. Documents retrieved from government agencies for legal proceedings may require certification from the public official entrusted with the safekeeping of the documents.

Can I order my Official State Document Online?

You can easily and safely order a certified copy of any document on file with the State online. Our simple online order form will walk you through the process and confirm you have submitted all the necessary information.

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