Affidavit of Publication

A notarized document provided by a newspaper in which the notice of formation was published for an LLC. The affidavit verifies that the notice has run in the newspaper for the required six weeks and has met all the requirements. Affidavits of Publication are required to be filed with the Department of State for LLCs formed, or authorized to do business, in New York State.

Certificate of Publication

The document that is filed with the New York Department of State once the publication is completed and the Affidavits are received from the newspapers.  The Certificate of Publication must be filed within 120 days of the date of formation of the LLC.
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Filing Receipt

An official receipt issued by the New York State Department of State to anyone who files a Certificate of Incorporation or any other filing. The filing receipt includes the date of filing, the entity name and other filing information of the entity. Note: New York’s Department of State does not replace lost or destroyed filing receipts after 6 months of formation.

Good Standing Certificates:

This document, issued by the New York State Secretary of State’s office (or other states) may be required for a business entity to open bank accounts, obtain loans, buy or lease property, and generally operate their business.
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Articles of Incorporation

A document that establishes the existence of your corporation in the state you establish it in. This document is generally filed with the state’s Secretary of State (or similar office). In certain states, Articles of Incorporation are sometimes referred to by other names (for example, Delaware and New York require a “Certificate of Incorporation” to be filed). Articles of Incorporation generally include (but are not limited to) the name of the entity, address of its principal place of business, number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue, name and address of the corporation’s registered agent, and so on.

Articles of Organization

A document that establishes the existence of your limited liability company in the state you establish it in. Similarly to Articles of Incorporation, this document is generally filed with the Secretary of State, and are sometimes referred to as “Certificates of Organization” or “Certificates of Formation”. The information required on this document varies from state to state.

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