What Happens If You Don’t Publish Your LLC? [Infographic]



The business sector has evolved from two parties coming together and sharing profits and losses to run a particular business. Now, you will notice that different forms of business are currently in existence and are distinguished by numerous factors like partner-wise liability, profit-sharing ratio, the need for registration, and so on. One among these business forms is a Limited Liability Company, or LLC which is a great option for those business owners who only want to be obligated for their liabilities and not of the business. 

What Is An LLC?

A Limited Liability Company is a private limited company that requires two or more members of the business. It is a hybrid model which means that it contains aspects of both a partnership firm and a standard corporation. Not only does it allow your business earnings to be passed through the business taxation but also frees you from paying for any business liability, in an event of loss or failure. Being a quite frequent and easy business model, most people start LLC because of the benefits that it offers.

Speaking of an event of loss, an LLC protects the personal assets of the members and does not stand responsible to acquire their earnings as a part of failure recovery. There is always a possibility that a business might incur losses in any given financial year. What distinguishes an LLC from other business models is its ability to limit the liability of the members so they do not suffer due to business failure. In addition, countless numbers of shareholders/members can be a part of an LLC. 

A key advantage for members of an LLC is that if the business is sued, no personal assets of the members shall be held accountable, even if business revenue falls or emerges at a phase of bankruptcy. Such reassurance and security offered by LLC make it a profitable and valued business model for most people.

What Is The LLC Publication Requirement?

Just as any other business model, an LLC is also obligated towards “Publication Requirement.” To break it up, the phrase “Publication Requirement” means that the LLC is bound to publish public notices as announcements in the local newspapers of the region where their physical address is located. It is done in two ways – one in a weekly paper and the other in a routine newspaper for a period of 120 days from the date of LLC formation. 

Once this LLC publication requirement is completed, an affidavit is filed with the state government that legalizes the formation, and functionality of the LLC. A publication certificate is thereafter obtained and submitted to the state government as per the legal standards and governances of the state. 

It is imperative for every Limited Liability Company to file for Publication Requirement because failure to do so may suspend their business in the state and further permits will not be easy to obtain.

What Happens If You Ignore The LLC Publication Requirements?

If an LLC neglects to fulfill the New York publication requirements, the company’s authority to conduct business can be suspended. The costs of publishing in two newspapers vary greatly from county to county, ranging from approximately $300 in some upstate counties to over $1,600 in New York County. 

  • In a case where you ignore the LLC Publication Requirement, your business will face a suspension however your rights to function shall not be completely revoked. 
  • Next, in order to amend the mishap, your LLC would have to re-run the Publication Requirement process that involves publishing in a local newspaper for continuous six weeks. 
  • Afterward, your Publication Certificate will be submitted and the complete procedure will occur. Apart from the legal suspension, the members of the business would again have to bear the procedural expenses and wait for a prolonged period before their business can entirely resume.

Thus, in order to make sure that your business does not run into legal consequences, it is recommended that your Limited Liability Company issues a Publication Certificate so none of your business deals remain hanging in the air.


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