Publish in Three Easy Steps



  • You place the order (see reverse), and We handle the rest.
  • We email confirmation to you.
  • We proceed with publication.


  • We draft the notice.
  • We get newspaper designation.
  • We place the notice with newspapers.
  • The notice runs for 6 weeks.


  • We obtain Affidavits of Publication and We file Certificate of Publication.
  • We mail all evidence to you.
  • Publication complete!

Our Complete Publishing Package Includes:

You may need to produce your Certificate of Good Standing to:

  • Contacting your respective County Clerk’s office to procure the appropriate newspaper designation
  • Drafting your notice of formation and publishing the notice in both newspapers
  • Paying the newspaper publication fees and the NY State Certificate of Publication filing fee
  • Obtaining the Affidavits of Publication from both newspapers and forwading them, with your Certificates of Publication to the NY Department of State for filing.
  • Forwading the original evidence of publication to you to confirm complicance with New York’sLLC publishing law.


Entity Information

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  • Orders that have been price-matched are not eligible for additional discounts.
  • The competitor’s offer must be identical to our order package.
  • This offer is limited to a $100 discount.
  • Any competitor’s price must be in compliance with publishing law.

Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To receive Windsor’s Price Match Promise, simply:

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  • We will reply immediately and beat the difference in price by 150%

LLC Publication Requirements in New York State

In the age of technology, few people consider newspaper publication to be an effective way to reach the masses. Yet where many state and local governments are concerned, newspaper publication of an announcement constitutes public information, and doing so still holds some legal clout, even though print media is nearly obsolete.

In the state of New York, newly formed Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are required to announce their formation in two newspapers in the county in which the office of the Limited Liability Company is located. One of the newspapers must be a daily publication, and the other must be printed weekly. The newspapers cannot be chosen by the LLC owners, but must be designated by the County Clerk’s office.

Once the notice has been published, the printer or publisher of each newspaper will provide the LLC with an Affidavit of Publication, which must be filed, along with a Certificate of Publication, with the Department of State Division of Corporations, along with a $50 filing fee.

A Limited Liability Company is required to comply with the publication requirements within 120 days after its formation. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the LLC’s authority to conduct or transact business.

Why Choose Windsor Corporate Services to Publish your LLC in New York?

Navigating the legal requirements for getting your LLC officially off the ground can be frustrating and time consuming, not to mention expensive. The New York LLC publication requirement in particular poses a challenge to many small business owners. Depending on the location of your LLC, newspaper publication for six weeks running can be costly.

At Windsor, we are familiar with County Clerks and newspapers in every county in New York State, and we can assist you with the New York LLC publishing requirement. We receive volume discounts from local newspapers and pass that savings on to our clients while taking the guesswork out of New York LLC publishing.

We pride ourselves on being accurate, efficient, reliable and fast. We do the work correctly the first time, and we double- and triple-check all legal notices to ensure they are error-free. Once your New York LLC publishing requirement has been fulfilled, we will obtain your Affidavits of Publication from the newspapers and submit them, along with your Certificate of Publication and $50 filing fee, to the Department of State.

Not only will Windsor save you time, money and headaches, but we offer a risk-free guarantee. If your LLC’s Certificate of Publication is not filed with the Secretary of State within 10 weeks of receiving your order, you will be fully reimbursed our $50 service fee, guaranteed.