How is An LLC Formed?[Infographic]


Article of Organization

For filing an LLC, especially in New York, the first thing that you need to do is to file the Article of Organization with the  New York Department of State Division of Corporation. This is the first step that every person planning to form an LLC needs to take. While filing the Article of Organization, you will have both the options of filing online or through the mail. 

Article of Organization is a type of legal document that gives you the official right to form an LLC in New York and there is no way you can skip this step and still form an LLC in New York legally. So, look for the step-by-step process of filing an Article of Organization before even thinking about forming an LLC. 

New York LLC Publication Requirement

But along with the filing of Article of Organization, you will also have to publish the news about your business in the newspaper and this is really important. This is what people call New York LLC Publication Requirement and this is not an option rather it is a necessary step that every person forming an LLC needs to take. 

What is the average cost of forming an LLC?

There are different types of fees that you need to pay if you are planning to form an LLC and all those fees have been discussed here. Well, the fee discussed here can vary from state to state as all the states don’t have the same pricing structure when it comes to forming an LLC. So, keep the different pricing in mind when you are forming a limited liability company in New York.

Filing Article of Organization

As discussed above, the first thing you need to do for forming an LLC is to file an Article of Organization which is also known as a certificate of information in many states. This document needs to be filed with the business filing office and the average cost of filing an Article of Organization ranges between $50 to $100. But in some places like Alaska, this can go up to $250. 

Obtaining a business license

On the basis of your location, you will have to obtain a business license for successfully running an LLC after forming a limited liability company in New York. There are many states out there that have state-wide business licenses and for obtaining a business license, you will have to pay $50 to $100. 


What is the average cost of publishing an LLC?

In addition to paying for Article of Information and business license, you will also have to pay for publishing the information about the formation of your business in a newspaper. This price can vary according to the place since in places like New York, the price of publishing an ad is very high. 

In New York, you will have to publish a notice of information in the local newspaper and if the principal address is in New York City then there are maximum chances that you will have to pay more than $1500. 

But this is not the case with all the states since there are many states where the publication cost in local newspapers is very low and this is what makes forming an LLC in other states affordable. 

But a registered agent service based outside New York allows the use of the registered agent’s address in the form of a principal address and this is how people forming an LLC are able to reduce the overall cost of publishing while fulfilling LLC publication requirements. 

Why is it important to publish an LLC in New York?

There used to be a time when the information regarding the formation of new business was given to the common people through newspapers only. With time, the medium of forwarding information has changed but the rules in the world of LLC haven’t changed at all. This is why, still, you are required to publishing a notice of information in the local newspaper before forming an LLC. 

If you are not going to abide by the rules and regulations and if you are not going to fulfill the LLC publication requirements then the NY Department of States is going to directly suspend your authority to do any type of business in New York as an LLC. 

A suspension from the NY Department of States can prove to be highly problematic and you will have to go through a lot of hassle to undo it. Sometimes, the cost of publishing notice of information in the local newspaper can be a burden for many business owners but just because it is costly, you can’t skip it.

How can Windsor Corp help you?

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