June, 2017

LLC stands for “Limited Liability Company,” and establishing an LLC for your business confers many advantages that can help your business in the long run. There are four steps you can take to ensure you establish your LLC smoothly and according to the State filing requirements. 1. Come Up With a Valid Name When you

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April, 2017

When a small business evolves and incorporates it stands to gain particular advantages. For one, ceasing to be a sole proprietorship adds a level of credibility that customers appreciate. Additionally, a corporation, limited liability company or other entity type achieves a legal status that separates it from the individuals who founded it, which is a

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March, 2017

One of the first decisions a potential entrepreneur must make is what format his or her new business will take. The Big 3 among the choices include sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation. While your ultimate decision depends largely on the particular circumstances of your endeavor, many people opt to incorporate. While the word corporation often

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